“Grace is not merely a God-given cover-up of our sin. It empowers us to live like Jesus, to rule in this life by manifesting heaven’s authority and power to change our world of influence.”

― John Bevere, Relentless

John Bevere wants to take you on a journey to unlock your tenacity. As he recounts the stories of Jesus and John the Baptist, as well as those of many contemporary believers, he presents a powerful pattern: These pillars of faith do not just hang on and survive troubles. They look adversity in the face and stare it down.

WHEN: Monday Nights at 7PM

WHERE: Please ask one of the connect group leaders or call the church office for address.

LEADER: Gina Faulkner and Melonny Mckaughan

*This group is for 16+

If you have any questions please see your connect group leader for more details.