Again, to keep everything operating as smoothly as possible, we've set up the following guidelines for all serving positions throughout the church. Please, read them below:

  1. BE ON TIME. When scheduled to serve, we expect our team members to be punctual and prepared by the time established by their Department Leader.

  2. BE AVAILABLE. CCB allows team members to block-out upcoming vacation time so that they are not scheduled. While CCB has a "block-out dates" feature, we ask that this feature is only used sparingly and that our team members remain as flexible as possible with the schedule organizers.

    Block-out dates must be inputted by the 15th of the month prior.
    (If blocking out dates is done before the schedule is made, leaders will not schedule that team member for that day. If the team member finds out they are unable to serve after the schedule has already been sent out for that month, then it'll be the team member’s responsibility to find someone to swap with.)

  3. SWAPPING. If a scheduled request can absolutely not be fulfilled, it is the responsibility of that team member to swap with an approved replacement to switch dates with. To do so:
    -Click “SWAP WITH SOMEONE” while viewing a serving request.
    -Choose and click a date to swap for.
    -Review the event details.
    -Click “CONTINUE”.
    -Select one or more (appropriate team members) to send a swap request to (ALL of the appropriate team members are selected by default; this is recommended).
    -Click “CONTINUE”.
    -Send the default (or personalized) message by clicking “SEND REQUEST”.
    -Verify a successful send by looking for a green bar that says, “Swap Sent”.
    -Once another team member accepts your swap request, you will be notified via email.
    -Notify Team Leader of swapped positions/dates.
    **NOTE: Until someone agrees to swap, you are still expected to fill that serving request.**