While a lot goes on to run a church, keeping all the parts moving fluidly and without issues requires a bit of patience, communication, and the help of a powerful tool. The tool? Church Community Builder (or, CCB for short.)


Great question. CCB does A LOT!
But, what it does for you is it keeps you informed of your upcoming serving occurrence(s).


Wow, you have a lot of great questions! :)
The answer is found in these 3 easy steps!


You'll need to login into CCB. Click one of the 3 buttons below...


Once you're logged in, watch the video on the CCB Homepage that says, "START HERE." This is a quick intro on what CCB can do, and how to navigate it.




The last step? Watch the short video below to learn how to respond to scheduling requests.




Again, to keep everything operating as smoothly as possible, we've set up the following guidelines for all serving positions throughout the church. Please, read them below:

  1. BE ON TIME. When scheduled to serve, we expect our volunteers to be punctual and prepared by the time established by their Department Leader.
  2. BE AVAILABLE. CCB allows volunteers to block-out upcoming vacation time so that they are not scheduled. While CCB has a "block-out dates" feature, we ask that this feature is only used sparingly and that our volunteers remain as flexible as possible with the schedule organizers. 

    (If blocking out dates is done before the schedule is made, leaders will not schedule that volunteer for that day. If the volunteer finds out they are unable to serve after the schedule has already been sent out for that month, then it'll be the volunteer's responsibility to find a replacement.)
  3. FIND A REPLACEMENT. If a scheduled request can absolutely not be fulfilled, it is the responsibility of the volunteer to find an approved replacement to switch dates with. To do so, ACCEPT the request via CCB, and only then will the "Find a Replacement" option become available. Once successful, then contact the schedule organizer to notify them of the change.
    **When searching for a replacement, we ask that volunteers switch (not cover) dates with the other person. This prevents anyone person from serving more shifts than they wanted.**


We know that this is a LOT of content to digest, so we encourage you to start using CCB, and check this page often.

Thanks again!