Dr. Tom Renfro, MD
In 1997, Dr. Tom, a well-respected physician in Norton, Va., was diagnosed with mantle cell lymphoma, the rarest form of lymphoma. Already in the fourth and final stage, doctors gave him no hope to live. With medical documentation to back it up, Dr. Tom was miraculously healed and 21 years later is still absolutely cancer free!

Dr. Tom Renfro has appeared on numerous TV shows, both secular and religious, and he hosts the faith-based television series, "Walking in the Kingdom". 

Along with his wife Sid, he is in great demand as a conference speaker and gifted teacher, and has spoken in hundreds of churches nationally and internationally.

Dr.  Rob Scarallo (Senior Pastor)
Born in NY, sickly and allergic to water, his parents had to bathe him with baby oil daily. By the age of ten God told him He would use him in a healing ministry. He has been healed of several incurable sickness including Chrohn's disease and aquagenic urticaria (allergy to water) and also has since had signs and wonders following his ministry. He has seen God heal the paralyzed, the deaf, the speechless, the incurable, the mentally insane, and raise five people from the dead. Pastor Rob Scarallo moves in an Apostolic anointing having pioneered four churches in Australia and one in the USA. He has also founded an accredited Bible College that operates under the umbrella of the church he currently pastor's, Grace and Faith Church (Tampa, Florida).

Stephen and Aimee Woods
Stephen and Aimee Scarallo got married, having both been "pastor's kid's". Their firstborn was a preemie and was raised from the dead after two hours of an absence of oxygen from her body. Medically documented, their daughter, Ella, has been in perfect health ever since and has just started school. Her story has been viewed by over 3.5 million people since December 2017.

Stephen is a song writer and the Worship Pastor at Grace and Faith Church, while his wife Aimee, has been a public school teacher and is currently the Children's Pastor there.

Prophetess Sid Renfro
Born in the Appalachian mountains, Sid saw her daddy miraculously converted from a life of moon-shinning and drunkenness to a Holy Spirit inspired prophet and miracle worker. Growing up under that mantle, Prophetess Sid Renfro stepped into the gift early in her own life and played a vital role in standing with her husband and praying down a miracle as God healed him of mantle cell lymphoma. Prophetess Sid Renfro walks in a very powerful prophetic and healing anointing and along with her husband has ministered in hundreds of churches nationally and internationally. Sid is a much sought after women's conference speaker.