Need to record attendance for your event? No worries, you can dot hat in CCB as well, just watch the video and follow the directions below.

To record attendance, click the button in the email. If you didn't meet, you can select 'Did Not Meet' right from the email to record that.

The attendance recording interface, accessible through email, is mobile-friendly.


You will land on an attendance entry page, allowing you to mark the attendance of any group member or person on the RSVP list. You can also enter the number of other visitors who attended. If you are on a mobile phone, the attendance marking screen and the visitors count screen will be separate.

You cannot record attendance from an email reminder for an event with over 100 attendees without logging in.  


In the Headcount (or Visitors) section is only for visitors whose names cannot be added to the official list; for small groups (e.g. OMEGA), add their First&Last name to the People Info section.

The next page will allow you to enter notes.


Once you have submitted the attendance, you will see a summary page with information about the Event.

The link in the email will remain active for two weeks and will allow you to return to the summary page should you wish to do so. As with the initial submission of attendance, you will be prompted to log in to make any changes to the information.