While 95% of Puerto Rico's power grid is down and it will take MONTHS (if not more) before it is completely back up and running, millions of people are without items that we take for granted. Consider picking up a few extra of the following items to donate.


Concerned about your donated supplies getting stuck at the port? Our contacts have an empty 53' long shipping container reserved on a massive Air Force Cargo plane. That plane will deliver the cargo directly to a U.S. Air Force base for immediate dispersion.

WHERE: The Foyer of Grace and Faith Church
WHEN: Mon.-Fri. (9am - 5pm)

- Generators
- Gas Cans
- Gas Powered Chain Saws
- Diapers
- Feminine Products
- Canned Foods
- Dry Foods
- Baby Formula
- Garbage Bags
- Ziplock Baggies/saran Wrap
- Paper Plates, Plasticware, Paper Towels, Plastic Cups

- Towels
- Hand Sanitizer
- Canned Milk
- Pet Food, Canned And Dry
- Baby And Adult Pain Relief Medicine
- Stomach And Diarrhea Relief Medicine
- Mosquito Repellent
- Blankets
- Pillows
- First Aid Kits
- Rubbing Alcohol, Peroxide

- New Packaged Clothes (i.e. Packaged T-shirts, Socks, Underwear)
- Cots
- Bottled Water
- Coolers
- Can Openers
- Flashlights, Candles
- Batteries
- Rat Traps
- Tarps
- Camping Items