We hope you're well! I know this is a bit last minute, but we are needing to take some professional photos of all of our Department and Connect Group leaders

We have someone who will be assisting us with that tomorrow. We are asking those are planning to be at service to be ready to stay a little longer after service for photos.
But we do want to get as many done tomorrow as possible. The process should only take a few minutes per person; but, because there are many leaders your patience is appreciated. We will try and make this as quick and painless as possible! You all look beautiful, we just want to capture that! :)

Again, we’d love to get as many done as possible tomorrow, so if you can oblige us, we would really appreciate it! Please reply back to that text if you’re able to make it. Thank you!!!

*We ask that if you are serving in a department where you wear a t-shirt (Kidz Connect, or The Ark) that you bring a nice shirt to change into for the photo. 

*If you run a connect group with someone and you know they won't be there, we'll push it off for another week.