Are you ready to join a Connect Group?

Here’s a little more info on what they are:

A connect group is a group of people who meet regularly to connect with each other over a common interest. You will often find these groups enjoying each others company. You might even see the members smiling or better yet, you may hear laughter.

The above is true, but with all joking aside. These groups are formed to create a form of connection for the church family outside of Sunday morning services. Our goal is to have groups that fit everyone’s needs, interests, and comfort levels. Want to do a bible study? We’ve got you covered! What about just some good ole fellowship? We have that too! Are you a prayer warrior and want a group to intercede? We’ve got that. And I bet you’re thinking… but what about outdoor adventures? Don’t worry we got you there too! From bible studies, fellowship nights, and lunches, to outdoor adventures and mommy and me time. We have a perfect group for you and your family!

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