Below you'll find 2 very important videos filmed for all of our department leaders.

The first is a personal message from Pastor Rob.
The second is a VERY serious tutorial video that should be quite handy. 😉

PS - Make sure you read the message at the BOTTOM of this page when you've finished watching...


Also, thank you to 3 amazing people:

Aimee Woods and Chris & Debbie Rola

Why? We recently sent out "volunteer requests" to all department leaders... these requests are not actual requests to serve here at the church, but instead are meant to function as reminders to submit your names for the Volunteer Awards.

These 3 department leaders are the only ones, as of me writing this, that have ACCEPTED the requests. There should be one request per month for the rest of the year. If you have not ACCEPTED them, please do so ASAP. We did the extra work to set this "reminder" system for your benefit. We love you all, and truly appreciate all that you do (we know it's a lot!!!!!)