We have a massive box of tools that we use church-wide; it's called Church Community Builder (CCB) and it's about to be your new best friend!

Chances are, you've already had experience in the software, so I won't go into too much redundant detail. However, one important tool that you might only have experienced halfway is the Scheduling feature of CCB. You know how to respond to schedule requests, but…

Team Leader Scheduling EXPECTATIONS

You’re probably wondering, “How do I create and manage schedules for my team?”
Great question... But before we go there, it’s important to understand and implement some church-wide guidelines that help to keep everyone on the same page:

  1. Once a month, create and send next month’s schedule between the 16th-20th of the current month.  This gives team members 1 ½ weeks to find a replacement if they are scheduled for the first Sunday.

  2. Regularly check the current month’s schedule to ensure that every position is accepted/filled (especially for the next event). If there is one or more un-responded positions, resend those requests; or, if time is of the essence, contact that person(s) directly (and make sure they utilize CCB to respond).
    *NOTE: we do not recommend that you leave this to the “night before”. Give yourself, and the team member(s) plenty of time to take the necessary actions.

  3. Ensure that your team members abide by the church-wide serving guidelines found at the bottom of the page, here:

HOW to create schedules:


You'll need to login into CCB. Click one of the 3 buttons below...


Watch these videos:
(we’re updating these videos… new ones are COMING SOON)



Now you can start making a schedule!
We usually recommend making a schedule that covers every Sunday service of a given month.

Thanks, again! And remember, if you ever need more help inside of CCB, first click on the gear icon in the top right-hand corner, then choose "HELP." This will open a library of information in a new tab. If you fail to find the information you need, do not hesitate to contact me for help.

Thank you!