1. Click the button for your giving statement

2. Click “Create account”

3. Fill in required fields. Then, click “SUBMIT”

4. You’ll see a “Success!” message. Click “DONE”

5. Check your email (the one you entered in the form from above) for an “activation” / “login created” email. Open it. NOTE: Don’t forget to check your spam folder. Also, activation could take up to 24-48 hours. Contact the church if you do not receive an activation email in that timeframe.

6. Click the “ACTIVATE LOGIN” button

7. (1.) Enter a password. Ensure that it meets the criteria. // (2.) Re-enter the password to confirm // (3.) Click “Submit”

8. You should see a success message. Once you confirm the success, close out this tab.

9. Re-open the Giving Statement email. Click the button to view your statement.

10. Log into your new account. // (1.) Enter your username. // (2.) Enter your password. // (3.) Click “LOGIN”